Slider Clasp 20mm

The Slider clasp can replace most 20mm clasps. One trigger opens the clasp in the normal way, and the second trigger allows you to slide out an extension plate, to instantly “lengthen” the bracelet. The extension plate offers 5 increments, to lengthen the bracelet by up to 14mm or more than .5 inches.

The new Slider Clasp can replace the regular clasp on most bracelets with a 20mm clasp. It will fit on many Momentum bracelet models: M50, M30, M20, Aquamatic IV, Steelix, Amphibix, Torpedo, Logic 42, (if in doubt, check with our Service Department!)

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  • Custom made to fit bracelets with 20mm clasps
  • 316L stainless steel
  • Adjustable