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PRO 500D Stopwatch

The ultimate, versatile stopwatch for serious timekeeping. 500 memories, recall of lap and split times, even during timing. Fastest, slowest and average lap time, plus stroke rate measurement function make this the ideal stopwatch for coaches.

Or easily switch to decimal mode to use it for industrial or scientific timing.

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  • Triple display with running time, split time, lap time, lap counter. up to 10 hours, with 1/100th second resolution.
  • Multi-memory recall of laps. User configurable from 10~500 memories. Recall during timing. Also fastest, slowest and average lap times.
  • Decimal timing modes option to record in decimal seconds, minutes or hours for industrial use.
  • Stroke rate function - base of 3 strokes, ideal for swimming or rowing coaches.
  • User programmable countdown timer, with option of stop, count-up, or repeat modes.
  • Time, Day, Date with temperature. (Option of Celsius or Fahrenheit, am/pm or 24Hr display.)
  • 3 daily alarms + hourly chime option + button-tone on/off + backlight on/off.
  • Long-life lithium battery, with low battery warning and convenient battery hatch for easy battery changes.